Jenn Gambatese continues her rise up as a performer! On Broadway, Jenn has dazzled and delighted audiences in "Tarzan," "All Sook Up," "Hairspray," "Is He Dead?," "A Year with Frog and Todd," and "Footloose." Off-Broadway and regionally, Jenn has shined in "The School for Lies" (CSC), "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" (Yale Rep), and "Annie Get Your Gun" (Goodspeed Musicals).

Currently, Jenn is making audiences laugh in Prospect Theater Company's production of "Iron Curtain," directed by Prospect Theater's Producing Artistic Director and fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Cara Reichel at Baruch College Performing Arts Center, Nagleberg Theatre (East 25th Street between Lexington & 3rd Ave) through November 27! Click here for tickets!

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1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? I decided I wanted to do this for a living after playing Emily in "Our Town" at my high school. It was the first time I felt transformed on stage and experienced the power of touching people's hearts through my work.

2. Who is the one person you haven't worked with that you would like to? I have been truly blessed to work with some amazing folks so far, but still have a long wish list in my head. Right near the top would be Raul Esparza, Joe Mantello, and my book club buddy - Sutton Foster.

3. What attracted you to "Iron Curtain" and what do you hope audiences come away with after seeing the show? When I read the script I was laughing out loud. I hope folks feel that same joy.

4. What excites you about working with Prospect Theater Company? I always love working on new pieces and that is what Prospect is all about!

5. What is your favorite part of the rehearsal/preview period in a show? Where is your favorite place to rehearse/practice on your own? For musicals, the sitz probe is always so thrilling.

As a mom, I'm just happy when I have a chance to practice on my own...doesn't much matter where.

6. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer? Particularly as a singer, I have learned that I can be too much of a perfectionist and that letting go is when I discover the best stuff.

7. Favorite way to stay in shape? Currently, chasing after my 2 1/2 year old. Perennial fave: yoga.

8. Favorite skin care product? Purpose face wash. Favorite kind of shoes? Cute ones that don't hurt.

9. Favorite website? I love being in better touch with my extended family on Facebook.

10. "Glinda" or "Elphaba"? As in, who am I or who do I like better? I think I'm kind of a hybrid of the two, but I love me some Elphie--especially when my best friend Shoshana Bean played her! :)


11. What's the best advice you've ever received? "Don't look sideways." Comparing/Competing in this business is a dead-end. Stay on your own path.

12. If you could dream about anyone while you sleep, who would it be? Loved ones who have passed. Missing them never goes away, so it's nice when I feel like they say hi in a dream.

13. I've had the pleasure of seeing you in "All Shook Up" and "A Year With Frog and Toad" on Broadway. Looking back, what was the best part about performing in these two shows? Oh I loved both those show so much! With 'ASU' it was the goosebumps every time the full company sang together. With 'F&T' it was getting those belly laughs from the four year olds.

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