I have once again been given the honor of interviewing Gavin Creel, two-time Tony Award Nominee and co-founder of Broadway Impact (a wonderful organization of passionate people from the theatre community created by Gavin, Tony Award Nominee Rory O'Malley, and Jenny Kanelos to help get marriage equality for all people). 

This time around, Gavin and I discussed gay marriage, the future of Broadway Impact, and how his new single "Noise" (co-written by Robbie Roth), which has 100% of it's profits benefiting Broadway Impact, will help continue the fight for marriage equality!

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1. How did it come about for you and Robbie to write "Noise?" I've been more vocal about gay rights in the past few years, but when I wrote this song with Robbie, I think I was starting to feel angrier with the state of how things were in this country. The message of the song isn't one of violence, but it certainly comes from a place of "I'm not gonna take this anymore. I'm not gonna stay quiet." I was at Robbie's Toronto home babysitting his son, and I began plunking around on the piano. When he and his wife, Michelle, walked in the door that night, I said, "Rob, get over here...I think I have the start of something." He came over, heard one phrase of what I played, said "Yes," and we went down to his basement studio and began work on it immediately. We were both seriously fired up by the idea, the message, and the music we were finding, so the song really just wrote itself. Now, it feels like fuel for me, and hopefully, it will be fuel for millions of people. We'll see....

2. How do you hope "Noise" will help continue to raise awareness for marriage equality? I believe music can reach people in a way that pushes past prejudices and misunderstandings. I hope this song can inspire people to get involved, urge them to talk about gay rights, and change their hearts and minds if need be. If people who believe in equal rights for the LGBT community are more visible in society, if we become louder and demand the world to engage in this discussion about human decency and basic human rights, the sooner we will have full federal marriage equality. But it has to start with us, and we have to get loud. That's what NOISE hopes to do; get people fired up and LOUD.

3. What made you want to create a music video to accompany "Noise"? How did you decide to enlist Andrew Keenan-Bolger? I've been wanting to work with Andrew for a long time, and this just seemed like the perfect project which we could collaborate. He has an incredible eye, is a great editor, and has intense heart. When I approached him about possibly working on this project, his response was, "I'm in. I don't want anyone else doing this, but me." That's the kind of person I'm always looking to work with. It was a total dream from start to finish.

4. What was the best part about working with Robbie and Andrew on this project? Willingness. They were both game for anything and everything, at every step of the way. They also had loads of ideas. I am happy to lead, I can come up with a ton of thoughts for a project, but I am always better when I collaborate with people who are passionate and super creative. Robbie and Andrew both have a passion for this cause and for making art, so it just gelled perfectly. I am really proud of what we've made.

5. What can you tell us about more ways Broadway Impact will continue to help fight for marriage equality? This next year we are taking on our biggest project yet, presenting readings of Dustin Lance Black's "8," a theatrical adaptation of the Proposition 8 trial in California. Broadway Impact and The American Foundation for Equal Rights will license the play to performing arts venues, communities, and colleges all across the country, harnessing the power of theatre to educate and inspire people into action. It is a really exciting time.

Andrea Marcovicci

Peter Matthew Connolly