Beau Dunn is making her mark in the fashion, modeling, and acting worlds as she ‘wows’ with her incredible talent and killer looks. Beau came to the acting scene after graduating from Pepperdine University and almost immediately booked a coveted network pilot and three guest star roles in record time. Beau has been the “face” of such coveted modeling campaigns for Smashbox Cosmetics, Sketchers, Pravana Hair Care, Raw Minerals, Iredale Cosmetics, and Jane Nailene. She was signed by the prestigious FORD Models when she was brought to their attention by BEBE designer Saundra Saulnier. Beau is also represented internationally by New Zealand’s 62 Models. 

Among Beau’s recent acting credits are roles in NBC’s hit comedy Up All Night, HBO’s Entourage, CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS’s Melissa & Joey and the upcoming Lifetime film, Killing Mr. Wright. Never one to take her success for granted, Beau studies regularly with some of Los Angeles’ most demanding acting coaches. 

When not working, Beau dedicates her time to Cure Lipedema, a charitable organization she founded, which is committed to finding a cure for women suffering from Lipedema, a disorder of the adipose tissue, while also spreading awareness.

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1. Who or what inspired you to become a model/actress? Growing up with a mother in the fashion and entertainment world, I was submerged into modeling and acting at an early age. I grew up going to acting class for fun and visiting my mom on sets or shoots. My parents were always pretty cautious of keeping me at school and focused on art and sports. When I graduated high school, I was finally able to start working, which gave me a great and grounded childhood.

2. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? I’m a huge Will Ferrell fan and think it would be an honor to work with him. "Elf" is one of my all time favorite holiday movies and I grew up watching him on "SNL."

3. What do you get from being a model that you don't get from acting? And vice versa? Modeling lets you be transformed into characters and you must tell a story though facial and body expressions. Acting is much more interactive and a completely different experience obviously because of words and the relationships you make with your fellow actors. Acting allows you to create relationships through your character and is so interesting because you can live the life of different people.

4. You've been the face of several major modeling campaigns:  Smashbox Cosmetics, Sketchers, Pravana Hair Care, Raw Minerals, Iredale Cosmetics and Jane Nailene. What does it mean to you to be "the face" of a product? Being the face of a company through modeling campaigns means to be an advocate who represents the product to my best ability. I try to embody everything that company and the product are trying to achieve to the target audience. I have worked with such amazing companies with products I truly believe in and love.

5. Coming from the modeling world, do you ever feel that you are treated differently when you audition for acting roles? Do you feel you have a leg up for acting roles because of your looks or do you feel it is more for your talent? No I absolutely do not feel that I have a leg up for acting roles because of my successes in the modeling world. The two industries and works are so different, and there are so many young, beautiful girls perusing acting that it is so competitive.

6. Being so successful in two industries that can lead some down a darker road, how do you keep yourself grounded? Fortunately I have an amazing family who taught me at an early age how important it is to work hard, and never let any successes go to your head. I have a wonderful support system with my fiancé and my girlfriends. I have never been the typical “party girl,” and keep very grounded people around me in my inner group.

7. What have you learned about yourself from being a model/actress? I have learned how important practice is. I try to always be in acting classes while not working to keep current on my art, or working one on one with my acting coaches. I just finished an improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade, which always brings out my funny side!

8. What is your favorite part of doing a photo shoot? My favorite part of a photo shoot is working on location with great teams. I love when I work with upbeat and fun individuals. I feel there is nothing better than a good group of people doing what they love. I am so blessed to do what I adore for my job.

9. What's the best advice you've ever received? My mum reminds me frequently “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” I love this quote and believe so strongly in it.

10. You founded, "Cure Lipedema," a charitable organization helping women find a cure for those affected by Lipedema. Why is this cause so close to your heart? How has starting this charity helped you personally? Cure Lipedema is so close to my heart because I was diagnosed with Lipedema in late 2010. While getting diagnosed by Dr. Karen Herbst, she explained to me that up to 11% of women worldwide suffer from this disease, and there was no known cure. I knew I had to do something. I also realized that one of the biggest problems with Lipedema is that it is virtually unknown in the medical world in the United States. My goal with Cure Lipedema is to spread awareness and get girls diagnosed earlier. I also want to promote research and raise funds to hopefully find a cure.

Starting Cure Lipedema has helped me personally because I have met hundreds of women who suffer from rare diseases along with Lipedema, through my Charity. These women have changed my life because everyone in the Lipedema family is so supportive and understanding because they are suffering and going through the same thing you are. I am very lucky to have these women in my life.

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