Photo Credit: Logan MackJust in time for the holidays, recording artist and concert performer, Anthony Nunziata (of Will and Anthony Nunziata), has just released his debut solo recording, "The Lord's Prayer." Anthony and I took a moment to sit down and discuss this milestone in his career. "The Lord's Prayer" is available on Amazon and iTunes!

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1. You just released your debut solo recording, the holiday single, "The Lord's Prayer," with new arrangements by Mr. Tedd Firth. What made you want to record this song? I've always loved the song. It has one of the most gorgeous melodies. I sang the song at a friend's wedding two years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I was just waiting for the right moment, around this time of year, to record and do a music video.

2. How did you and and Tedd come together? What was the best part about working together? Tedd Firth and I first began working together four years ago. Tedd is a musical genius. He really is. When we are working on new arrangements in a rehearsal room, it’s easy. It’s fun. It’s organic. He really gets my sensibilities. I look at my collaboration with Tedd as creating ‘one voice’ between my voice and his arrangement.

3. Accompanying the single is a video, available at, which was filmed in Central Park. How did you come up with the concept of walking around the park for the video? As a native New Yorker, Central Park feels like "home" to me. The Park is my favorite place in the City. It provides a quiet respite, a place to reflect, a place to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, the ponds, the hidden trails, the gardens, the running paths…for a song that is all about prayerful contemplation, I couldn’t think of a better location than Central Park.

4. What do you hope audiences enjoy most about this fresh take on this classic holiday song? My hope is that it touches people in some way.

5. What does this moment in time, you releasing your debut solo recording, mean to you? I’m thrilled. I worked with a great team of people for all of this to happen in the matter of three weeks. Tedd Firth arranging the song and playing on the recording. Jim Czak and Bill Moss at NOLA Recording Studios in NYC. Justin Kaplan who co-directed/co-wrote the video and was director of photography. Logan Mack who was the video shooter and editor. And countless other friends and colleagues for their guidance. The response so far has been wonderful. I’ve been humbled by the personal messages I’ve been receiving from people I know to people from across the world in the Philippines. The power of Youtube is something else!

6. Why was now the right time to do this? In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the Holidays, my hope is that this song will bring some peace and calm to others.

7. Since "The Lord's Prayer," is kicking off the holiday season, what are some of your favorite holiday traditions? I spend Christmas Eve with my Mom’s side of the family and Christmas Day with my Dad’s side of the family. I’m blessed to have loving and supportive parents, and amazing siblings in my brother and younger sister. Christmas time is a special time of year for my family and me, and I’m thrilled to contribute this song to the Holiday season.

Anthony Nunziata, Photo Credit: Stephen SorokoffMore on Anthony: 

Born in Staten Island, Anthony spent the beginning part of his childhood in Brooklyn and was raised north of Manhattan in Pelham Manor. Music was always playing in his house. His parents played cassette tapes and CDs of timeless standards, Broadway songs and Italian arias as well as the sounds of The Beatles, Billy Joel, Motown, Gospel and sacred music. 

His passion is to bring a fresh take to these classic songs and, in turn, make a personal connection with audiences. He's thrilled to have the opportunity to spread the power of music and comedy as connectors – to bring people together to support, love and inspire one another. "My mission is to entertain and inspire – to celebrate our joys and endure our losses through the power of song and laughter."

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