Due to illness, this show has been postponed. Stay tuned to Call Me Adam for a new date!

Come see Didi Panache, one-half of the improvised comedy musical revue The Screw You Revue in her brand-new cabaret show Yes, In-Didi! on Tuesday, February 25 at 7pm at NYC's The Metropolitan Room (34 West 22nd Street, between 5th & 6th Avenue) Click here for tickets!

For more on Didi be sure to visit http://www.screwyourevue.com and follow her on Twitter @DidiPanache and @ScrewYouNYC, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Didi Panache1. On February 25 at 7pm you are performing at NYC's Metropolitan Room in Yes, In-Didi!. What excites you about this upcoming show? I'm excited most to be returning to The Metropolitan Room, itself. Bernie Furshpan has been a strong reliable supporter of mine since I competed there last year in NYC's Next Top Drag Queen and my performance on the 25th will be the culmination of a discussion that began with Bernie last April.

2. What can fans who know you from The Screw You Revue expect and what might they be surprised by? Fans of The Screw You Revue already know that I LOVE to sing but they'll be surprised to learn I'm able to hold my own onstage comedy-wise without Lady Winifred. Also, that my legs are 43" long.

Didi Panache3. What made you want to do your own show without Lady Winifred? Honestly, it's not about doing a show without Lady Winifred. She and I have been performing The Screw You Revue together for ages and we both agree it's time to start expanding our brand and marketability. I'm sorry to disappoint your readers, but there's no "Alexis" vs "Crystal" Dynasty-esque feud circa 1980s happening between us. Lady Winifred is my BIGGEST supporter.

4. What do you hope to introduce audiences to through Yes, In-Didi!? That not all drag is "bitch" drag and that drag can be far more exciting than a man in a dress, holding a drink, launching insults from the safety of a stage and lip synching. That is by no means a judgement on the girls who perform that type of drag well, I just think there is an abundance of that type in NYC. The greatest compliment I've received was from a reviewer in Indiana who said I was "an illusion of femininity outstanding in its realness."

Didi Panache outside of Studio 54/54 Below in NYC5. How did you come up with the title Yes, In-Didi!? I was inspired by Hedda Lettuce who every Christmas does her show 'Lettuce Rejoice' and other queens who playfully incorporate their names into a title.

6. What makes the Metropolitan Room the right venue for this show? As I mentioned Bernie Furshpan and his staff have been absolutely lovely to me, as well as Mark McLain who handles social media for the venue. The cabaret is beautiful and a perfect compliment to my performance style.

7. If you had to sum up in one sentence as to why someone some come see Yes, In-Didi!, what would that sentence be? Figure Skating at the Olympics will be over, so if you're still hungry for your GAY fix I promise there will be sequins, feathers, and SPARKLE!

Didi PanacheMore on Didi:

Didi Panache is the "Suspiciously Statuesque" creation of improv comedian Douglas McGeoch. Along with his husband Dewey McGeoch the duo perform their over-the-top, improvised drag comedy cabaret The Screw You Revue twice a month in the West Village at The Duplex. Since 2009, Douglas has performed as Didi Panache throughout the United States, several tours of Canada, and Ireland. Didi Panache does not lip synch, especially after Douglas' parents forked over a small fortune for the 'Leggy Lolita' to major in Opera Performance.

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