Aminta DeLara"Call Me Adam" chats HOLA award winning director and writer Aminta DeLara about her new show At The End of the Century. At The End of the Century is a play about a man and woman who share a love for the same man. They meet after his death, believing that by doing so, they will settle their unfinished legal obligations for the man they both loved. This unfinished business releases a firestorm of personal resentments and unresolved mourning. Will they be able to see past their differences & can they struggle through the darkness to find a light of their own?

At The End of the Century plays Teatro LATEA (107 Suffolk Street, between Delancy and Rivington) through March 9. Thursday-Saturday at 8pm. Sundays at 3pm. Click here for tickets!

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1. Who or what inspired you to become an actress, director, and writer? That's a very difficult question. It would be unfair because so many people have been incredibly influential in my life. Starting with my family. But since I was a child I remember having this clear understanding that I had an inner self that needed to be expressed. It would come out when I started, as all children do, pretending with my brother and sisters. I remember clearly knowing then that I needed to be in that space. Theater is that space.

"At The End of the Century Cast," Marion Elaine, Howard Collado, Robby Ramos2. What made you want to write At The End of the Century? I had written a play The Importance of Being Blanca for two wonderful friends and actor in Venezuela Alexander Milic and Antonio José Carrasco, before we could open the show they were both taken by AIDS. I then wrote At the End of the Century to honor their memory.

3. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing At The End of the Century? My hope is always that the audience leaves the theater having had a peek at the human soul. The human soul is a mystery we all recognize and showing that window helps us identify our humanity in others.

4. What excites you about this cast bringing your words and vision to life? Everything. Howard Collado, Robert Ramos, and Marion Elaine are incredibly talented actors. This is our third show together our second as a company. But if I had to choose I would say that having a group of young actors give life to a play that was written 17 years ago and finding out that it resonates and it is transformed by them is an amazing joy.

5. What made you want to direct this show in addition to write it? It is very hard for me to separate one from the other. Directing is the consequence of writing. I believe theater is to be performed and the writing just a path to achieve it. There is a wonderful freedom when they both meet.

6. What makes Teatro LATEA the right venue for this show? Latea has opened its doors to countless artists for many years. We Sinteatro Intimus count our blessings to be among them. The work we have achieved would not have been possible without their support.

"Aviones De Papel"7. In 2011, you received an HOLA Award for Best Director for directing Aviones de Papel by Diana Chery. What did it mean to you get this award? An honor because in a way it means that the need to express myself found a channel and resonated in others. A responsibility to keep finding a balance between what we say to ourselves and what we end up saying to others.

8. Has the current crisis in Venezuela started to shape any thoughts you have with future projects? It has for a very long time. The Venezuelan crisis is not new, we have endured it for the past 15 years since the Chavez regime took over. It is going through one of its highest peaks today and because of it it is getting international attention. I'm very grateful to all those that have helped us reveal the truth of what is really happening in my country where the most fundamental human rights are being violated by the Venezuelan regime lead by Nicolas Maduro as unarmed protesters are being attacked by the National Guard and government armed Militia groups for defending their constitutional right to take to the streets. In the near future we will perform Golondrina- Swallow a play I wrote in 2003 and that opened at La MaMa in 2007, that deals with those issues.

9. What have you learned about yourself from being an actress, director, and writer? It has shaped me. It has made who I am.

10. What's the best advice you've ever recieved? Keep working, art is not about specifics but about trajectory. Dots meet when you least expect it.


11. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? Definitely flying. I would love to be able to fly.

Aminta DeLaraMore on Aminta:

Aminta DeLara is an award winning actor & director. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a founding member of the theatre group Intimus. Aminta has earned credits in both Venezuela and the US in acting, directing & writing. Recent projects include directing Aviones de Papel, by Diana Chery at Teatro LaTea in New York City, for which she received an HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors) Award for Best Director in 2011 and the film El Rumor de las Piedras, directed by Alejandro Bellame, in which she played a major role, opened in June 2011 as part of the Merida Film Festival in Venezuela, earning the Best Movie award.

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