Call Me Adam chats with singer Rory Partin about his the release of his second album, touring, his roots, marriage, and acting!

Rory's self-titled album is slated to release on Tuesday, August 19, with his first single, a cover of Hunter Hayes' "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," is already climbing the charts!

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1. Who or what inspired you to become a singer/musician? Music moves me emotionally. I grew up singing in church and all the songs moved me somewhere. Music is such an emotional vehicle that I always wanted to have the ability to move people in the same way. 

As far as who inspired me that would be Andre Krause, Mahalia Jackson, Ray Charles, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Perry Como, the list goes on and on. My mom would have everything playing on the stereo.

2. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? I would love to work with some of the bigger producers out there, the legends that I grew up listening to like Quincy Jones or David Foster. There are so many amazing musicians to work with out there, I hope to get to work with them all.

3. You are getting to release your second album. What excites you about this upcoming release and what can fans look forward on this album? This album is a little different from the last one I did. Just a little background, for years the conventional wisdom of the industry was you need to do this one thing musically and stick to that. If you try to do more than one thing (like sing Jazz, Big Band, and Pop all on one album) we'll have trouble marketing it because people won't know what category it belongs in. Then Michael Buble comes on the scene and he had pop hits on the jazz radio and that sort of opened up the doors for all of us. So this album I'm really getting in touch with my musical roots. It's really cool. My fans will hear everything from my big band roots they expect, but also they'll hear some of my biggest musical influences, like Ray Charles (as I mentioned earlier). A song I always loved is "Georgia On My Mind," and we put that on this album. Another song I grew up loving was "Jambalaya," so we put that on the album and I also put a country song on this album by Hunter Hayes called "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me." While I have different genres on this album, it's going to be the familiar big band I'm known for.

4. What's your favorite part of the recording process in making an album? It's so cool to be in the recording studio with a full big band. I bring everyone into the studio, about 18 musicians. It's terrific to have them all there during the recording process. On my first album we recorded all the tracks in a single day. On this album, we also recorded all the music in a day and they are amazing. I have a fantastic band. We have a great energy and synergy together. 

5. You've toured around the world entertaining your fans. What do you like most about touring and interacting with your fans? It's funny because I discovered several years ago, I need people. I really believe this slogan I got from my church in Nashville, "Together is better." I love the interaction I get with the audience during my shows. It's so fulfilling. I love languages and cultures, so as I travel around the US and the world, I try to get into as much of the culture and language as I can while I'm there. 

6. Sometimes you perform with your wife, Alexa James. What do you like about performing together and what is it like to have your two worlds intertwine being that you work together and that you are married? When we first thought about getting married, we had never seen an marriage with two artists who are successful. We went into this relationship eyes wide open and committed ourselves to be with each other through thick and thin. What we have discovered through this is that we work really well together. It's not without our bumps and struggles, but we started touring together as a co-bill, and people asked us all the time for us to do something together. So I asked Alexa if she wanted to travel with me and the band and we started doing that and it just works. It's so awesome! It makes me think of Linda and Paul McCartney because they loved traveling together. It's great that we get to experience life and these adventures with my soul mate, the one that I love.

Rory Partin on set of his music video7. What have you learned about yourself from being a singer/musician? Going from singing with different bands to having my own band, a lot comes out. I have learned that I am a very emotional person. I think that comes from the acting technique I learned which was Meisner Technique which is all about being in touch with your emotions and everything being real. Their definition of acting and I think it's a good one is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. They believe you are really feeling what your character feels and you are just acting it out. So I feel a lot of emotions with everything I do.

Rory Partin8. Since you mentioned that you studied acting, do you have any aspirations to do more professional acting or come to Broadway and do a musical? I love acting. It's such a wonderful expression of emotions to communicate with people. Just like music there are notes on a page you are communicating, in acting there are notes on a page in the form of words that you are communicating to people and you are supposed to do it in a real way and not fake it. In L.A. I've been cast in a few small films, but I definitely have plans to do both acting and music like Harry Connick Jr. or Justin Timberlake. 

It's funny you mention Broadway because when my wife and I do some acoustic shows, the guy who plays for us, Matt Caplan, was just on Broadway in Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. He's such a great guy! While, I don't have any immediate plans to come to Broadway, I might possibly in the future.

9. What's the best advice you've ever received? One of the best pieces of advice I got was from my parents, in regards to marriage. "Marriage is one of the most amazing things in the world, but it is the most difficult thing to ever do." My mom would also say to me, "I love your father, but I don't always like him." So at the time, these things didn't make much sense to me, but when I got married, I understood what she was talking about.

10. If you could have any super power, which one would it be? The first one that pops into my mind is flying because I fly in my dreams. It's wonderful!

Rory PartinMore on Rory:

Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and then on to Nashville, Tennessee, Rory’s music has been influenced by some of the all time greats such as: Ray Charles, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, and The Doobie Brothers. Having later swapped one ocean for the other, Rory made the move to Los Angeles, where his career has taken off in ways he never imagined. His highly entertaining live show, his superb repertoire, and his mere love and gift for music and performing, have taken Rory around the world performing for sold out concerts, Presidential Inaugural Balls, multiple casinos and exclusive hotels like the Waldorf Astoria & the Ritz Carlton, corporate & charitable events, as well as countless private parties and weddings for some of the worlds elite.

Rory Partin is bringing back genuine passion for entertaining and making great music people can enjoy and relate to. Having traveled to and performed in places such as Brussels, Paris, Prague, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, Helsinki, and many more, the anticipation for Rory’s new album is worldwide. Anywhere he performs, audiences beg for his swift return. "People don’t want to just sit and listen to music for music’s sake. They want to experience something. They want to laugh, sing, reminisce…they might dance or they might shed a tear. I bring my heart to my music, and I believe that’s what people are wanting." Nobody is bringing the Big Band back as hard as Rory is, and whoever is attempting to, is definitely going to be doing so in his shadow.

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