"Call Me Adam" catches up with actress Lane Bradbury! This time around we talk about the advancement of her one woman show Let Me Entertain You, Again which will be at 54 Below on Friday, May 8 at 7pm. Let Me Entertain You, Again is a highly personal tour of how Lane went from being an Atlanta Debutante to a performer on "The Great White Way" during the Golden Age of Broadway. Click here for tickets!

1. You are bringing your show Let Me Entertain You, Again to 54 Below on May 8. What are you looking forward to most about performing at 54 Below? 54 Below is a very romantic as well as an elegant environment to perform in. Just being in the room puts the audience in the mood to be entertained and have a fun evening. The stage is very welcoming to a performer because the audience is very close, and contact with them is easy.

Lane Bradbury in a previous production of "Let Me Entertain You, Again"2. What makes 54 Below the perfect venue for this engagement of the show? I first did Sondheim Unplugged last September and that is when I felt that Let Me Entertain You, Again would be a perfect venue for the show. There is a lot of Sondheim in Let Me Entertain You, Again because it tells of my adventures and misadventures in Gypsy. I could just see it and feel in being performed at 54 Below.

3. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing Let Me Entertain You, Again? I would like the audience to have a fun filled evening, as well as being moved and to re-experience or experience for the first time, through the story of Let Me Entertain You, Again, how New York and Broadway and life was in the 1950s.

4. Let Me Entertain You, Again was written by Doug DeVita and directed by your daughter Elkin Antoniou, with musical direction by Joe Goodrich. What has been the best part about working with everyone? You know, I talk about those three incredible people in the show. It has been such a miraculous journey. I would rather you come and learn about them through the story and me on stage.

Lane Bradbury and Elkin Antoniou in a previous production of "Let Me Entertain You, Again"5. How do you feel your relationship with your daughter has grown from working together? My respect for Elkin as a producer, director, choreographer, writing consultant is beyond superlative words. In one of the many versions I had a line that said, "Lou Antonio and I produced Elkin and now she is producing me." I will just say this, she is capable of producing miracles with whom ever and what ever she puts her hand to.

6. You originally performed this show two years ago at Abingdon Theatre. How do you feel you and the show has grown in these past two years? I feel like it is like a good wine. It has developed it’s taste with time.

7. You were the original "Dainty June" in Broadway's Gypsy which starred Ethel Merman as "Mama Rose." What are some stories you can tell about Ethel that are NOT in Let Me Entertain You, Again? We tell it all in the show, I’m afraid.

8. What do you still want to do that you haven't done yet? I want to work with Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey. I want them to write a musical about "Diana" in Next to Normal after she leaves her home and cast me as "Diana."

Lane Bradbury "Let Me Entertain You, Again"9. If you could create your own signature drink, what would you call it and what ingredients would you put in it? Oh goodness, I just like "Pino Grigio" . . . Actually, I can think of a name "Goliath," which was the name of my Friesian Stallion . . . so it would be a big potent drink, but someone else will have to come up with the ingredients.

10. How do you want to be remembered? What a hard question. What do you want a book? I care about "at risk children," I care about the homeless, I care about turning our tragedies into some kind of a miracles that makes this world a better place to live in.

Lane BradburyMore on Lane:

Lane began dancing at age five with Dorothy Alexander, founder of the Atlanta Ballet, and was made a member of the company at age twelve. By age 17, she auditioned for the Actor’s Studio in New York. She was admitted, and at that time she was the youngest actor ever to achieve the honor of becoming a lifetime member. After seeing her work at the Actor’s Studio, Elia Kazan cast her in the Broadway play, JB. She then went on to originate the roles of "Dainty June" opposite Ethel Merman in Gypsy, "Charlotte Goodall" in Night of the Iguana, and "Mick" in June Havoc’s Marathon 33. She has appeared in such films as Alice Doesn’t Live Here AnymoreHawaiiThe Barony, and Consenting Adults. She has had guest starring roles in many Movies of Week including: Maybe I’ll Come Home in the SpringDial Hot LineA Real American Hero, and To Dance With the White Dog. She has also appeared in over 40 series including such classics as GunsmokeIn the Heat of the NightKung FuThe Rockford FilesThe Partridge Family, Walking TallSerpicoThe WaltonsPolice StoryMcCloudThe Mod Squad, and The Streets of San Franscisco. Lane is now the artistic director of Valkyrie Theatre of Dance Drama & Film, a non-profit organization that utilizes the arts to bring hope, healing and identity to "at risk" children and teenagers.

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