Call Redialed: NEW Will & Anthony Nunziata Interview: "Love Always" + Green Room 42 Concert

Call Redialed: NEW Will & Anthony Nunziata Interview: "Love Always" + Green Room 42 Concert

What a thrill it was to catch up with twin brothers Will & Anthony as they prepare to release their second album, Love Always, a classic-adult contemporary-pop album, featuring eight original songs amongst the 11-song album. Click here to pre-order/order!

The eight songs were co-written by Will & Anthony along with Maria Christensen (who wrote the hit Jennifer Lopez song “Waiting For Tonight” and also wrote for Celine Dion), Jeff Franzel (who wrote for Josh Groban, Justin Timberlake, & Taylor Dayne), Tom Kimmel (who wrote for Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, & Art Garfunkel) and Nina Ossoff and Porter Carroll Jr. (who wrote for Daughtry, Patti Austin, & The Temptations).

Love Always will be available 11/16 with an album release concert on 11/17 at 7pm at The Green Room 42 (42nd & 10th Avenue, 4th Floor of the Yotel). Joining the boys at their Green Room 42 concert will be Tony Award winners Lillias White & Cady Huffman. Click here for tickets!

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1. This is so exciting that we get to do an interview about your new adult contemporary album Love Always. How long did it take you to complete the album, from inception to reality?

Anthony Nunziata: This album was a labor of love over the past eight months led by the album's producer and arranger Tedd Firth. Over two dozen musicians, songwriters who I co-wrote seven of the eight original songs with, to the amazing team at Mirrortone Studios in NYC. It was a thrill and joy and can't wait to share this music with the world in our upcoming concert and symphony tour.

Will Nunziata: Anthony and I knew that when we were going to do our “next album” that it was going to be done as if recorded by the likes of David Foster. We were going for that classic-adult contemporary-pop sound, but done our own way.

Anthony Nunziata: Yes! That was the goal. Each song being its own special piece of art, fitting into the greater montage of the album.

2. How did you come up with the title Love Always?

Anthony Nunziata: We wanted this album to feel like a love letter to the world. Love knows no walls; only bridges.

Will Nunziata: We live in tricky times right now, and for us it was the right time to put out an album of mainly originals to share hope and love with the world.

Will and Anthony Nunziata

Will and Anthony Nunziata

3. Each of you have co-written some of the songs on this album. How are your song writing processes different and the same?

Will Nunziata: For me, I approached co-writing our duet “The Gift Is You” and my solo “Make It Us” from real experiences. As some may know, “The Gift Is You” was written the day our Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Make It Us” was written when I met my now fiancé - it’s a song about someone finding the guts to make the leap of letting someone they love very much, they want to be more than friends - and all the feelings of doubt, fear, and relief that goes along with that.

Anthony Nunziata: With my passion for branding (I get that from my Dad who is in Advertising) I usually start with a strong title that grabs the listener. I'm all about melody, so a melody line will come to mind while in the shower or exercising or meditating, and then some lyrics come to me as well. For a song like "Will You Be My Everyday?" I went to my collaborator Jeff Franzel - who writes the most gorgeous melodies - where Jeff expanded on the melody and together we worked through the song's structure, and also mapping out where lyrics would fly-in. With my love of improv (thank you Upright Citizen's Brigade and Magnet Theater!) we started to make up lyrics on the fly, recording it all down with VoiceMemo. After the session, I filled in the rest of the lyrics of the song. Jeff and I then had another session for me to record the whole song through while Jeff played. We then gave that to Tom Kimmel - who is the most poetic and heartfelt lyricist - who then put his spin on the lyrics and made the song the beautiful song it is. It's truly a team effort and a joy. I pinch myself every time we get in a writing room -- I mean these guys have written for Josh Groban, Taylor Dayne and Art Garfunkel.

4. Of the songs you each co-wrote, which one was the easiest to write and which one was the most difficult?

Anthony Nunziata: All the original songs I co-wrote on took no more than two days to write. I find that when the song comes easy, it's because it's coming from a deep sense of truth and a deep sense of wanting to tell that particular story through the song. If we're keeping track of time, a few days after the 2016 election I co-wrote the song "One Thousand Red Roses" with Maria Christensen and we wrote the song in about two hours.

Will Nunziata: They both were easy in that they came from the truth. So telling the “story” was easy - structuring it into a “song” was the learning curve for me as I had never written a song before. It was an amazing collaboration with Jeff Franzel and Anthony on “The Gift Is You” and Jeff and Tom Kimmel on “Make It Us.”

Will and Anthony Nunziata

Will and Anthony Nunziata

5. What did they teach you about songwriting that you didn't know prior to writing the songs for this album?

Will Nunziata: I learned from all the collaborators the power of not editing too early. That any/all ideas should be put out there, and then let the story and shape of the song happen naturally.

Anthony Nunziata: I've learned a simple goal: to do good work. Good work will beget a great song and a great song can change someone's life forever.

6. One song on the album is "One Thousand Roses." If you place "One Thousand Roses" around NYC, what are the top three places you know you have to put them down at?

Will Nunziata: My three favorite places in the city: Carnegie Hall, the Hudson River and Central Park.

Anthony Nunziata: I would spread the roses in front of The 9/11 Memorial, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House.

7. You also record a cover of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile." What is something you "Smile" about during these dark times?

Will Nunziata: For me it’s all summed up with the lyric that ends the song: “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.” Smiling is infectious. On you. On the people around you. And on the entire world. One smile can change a person’s day. One smile can change a person’s life. I hope that, in the end, if we leave just one person smiling from listening to these songs, we have done our jobs as artists.

Anthony Nunziata: Spending time with my family and loved ones makes me smile. Creating music makes me smile. Hearing the personal stories of people who hear music I write makes me smile. Sharing the stage with my brother makes me smile (most of the time!). Writing that last line about my brother makes me smile. And I start and end each day counting my blessings and pray for those in need. My everyday goal as a person of the planet is to hopefully bring a little joy and comfort to someone else's life.

Will and Anthony Nunziata, Photo Credit: Michael Kushner Photography

Will and Anthony Nunziata, Photo Credit: Michael Kushner Photography

More on Will & Anthony:

Internationally renowned twin brother tenors and songwriters Will & Anthony Nunziata are two of the most sought after young entertainers. Will & Anthony have performed over 400 concerts over the past five years headlining major performing arts centers, theaters and symphony concert halls across the country and around the world. The renowned singers, songwriters, Netflix-bound comedians and Carnegie Hall Headliners are the Brooklyn- born, classically trained singing and comedy brother duo hailed by The Huffington Post as “a nearly impossible pairing of talent, stage presence and charisma.” They recently headlined Carnegie Hall for two sold-out concerts with the New York Pops Symphony Orchestra.

The brothers have brought their distinct take on classic & contemporary songs as well as their movie-bound original tunes to performing arts centers and theaters, as well as intimate jazz clubs and symphony concerts with orchestras such as the New York Pops, Detroit Symphony, Cleveland Pops, Colorado Symphony, Lancaster Symphony, Annapolis Symphony, Plymouth Symphony, Cape Cod Symphony, Toledo Symphony, and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The brothers studied music, acting and directing at Boston College, and trained in improv comedy at the famed Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City.

The multitalented twin brother singer-songwriters have officially partnered with one of the nation’s leading breast cancer non-profits the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The original song “The Gift Is You” from their soon to be released album Love Always will be used in upcoming campaign videos for the organization in 2018  and 2019. The song was written as a response to their mother’s breast cancer diagnosis (today she is in remission) and the brothers debuted the song during two sold out shows at Carnegie Hall with the 90-piece New York Pops. Grammy winning producer and songwriter Rudy Perez (Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan,
Ricky Martin) wrote the Spanish version “El Regalo Eres Tu” that is also featured on their Love Always album.

The two will be featured in the upcoming Netflix comedy The Last Laugh starring Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss to be released in 2019.

Will & Anthony have worked with thousands of students around the country through their "ARTS MATTER!" Educational Outreach Initiative and Master Class Workshops that they conduct will touring around the country.

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