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Call Redialed: I was first introduced to Melissa Ritz and "Bombshell" in 2014 by my friend Ethan Paulini. I was unfamiliar with Ina Ray Hutton at the time, but after some research, I learned Ina Ray Hutton was the first female bandleader to conduct both an all-girl big band and several male big bands in the 1930s/40s. The production I saw last year was terrific, so when Michael Alexander of Two Sheps That Pass told me this show was coming back, I had to talk to Melissa again to find out what's changed and let me tell you, it's even better than last year! Melissa has taken Ina to new levels. "Bombshell of Rhythm: The Life and Secrets of Ina Ray Hutton" will play at the SoHo Playhouse through August 30!
Call Answered: Call Me Adam chats with singer Rory Partin about his the release of his second album, touring, his roots, marriage, and acting! Rory's self-titled album is slated to release on Tuesday, August 19, with his first single, a cover of Hunter Hayes' "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," is already climbing the charts!
"Call Me Adam" chats with Tony Award nominated actress Montego Glover about joining forces with The New York Pops on Friday, Novmeber 1 at 8pm for "Sing Sing Swing," an evening of big band/swing music at Carnegie Hall!