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Call Redialed: I first interviewed Angeline Rose Troy in 2012 around the time her Lifetime movies were premiering. Now we get to catch up, switch gears, and talk about her starring turn in the 2016 Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival which will be taking place from May 5-29 at ACME Theatre Hollywood. Angeline will be starring in Nathan Wellman's "Love Life Alpha," part of ONE-ACTS PROGRAM B on May 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 26, 27, 28!
"Call Me Adam" once again chats with actor and writer David Dean Bottrell! This time around we discuss his new one-man show "David Dean Bottrell is Working: One Man's Search for Employment and the Meaning of Life!" We also discuss Meryl Streep, super powers, and other details of his life and career!
Actor and writer David Dean Bottrell discusses reprising his hit one-man show "David Dean Bottrell makes Love" from November 15-December 16 at Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles, working with David E. Kelley on "Boston Legal" and his new drama currently on NBC, "Harry's Law" as well as other everyday details of his life and career!