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Call Answered: In the world of reality TV, there is something for everyone. I, personally, love competition shows, seeing the very talented to the not so talented. Season 11 of the "The Voice" was no exception. With her booming voice, I was cheering for Wé McDonald to go all the way and all the way she did, right up to the finals! I am overjoyed to interview Wé about "The Voice" & upcoming concert at NYC's Highline Ballroom this Friday, 2/3 at 7pm w/special guests Matthew Whitaker & Friends!
Call Redialed: It's been almost two years since "Call Me Adam" chatted with recording artists' Will and Anthony Nunziata. As they prepare to debut their new concert "Showstoppers!" at the Highline Ballroom on Monday, January 18 at 8pm, now seemed like the perfect time to catch up with these talented guys! Will & Anthony’s "Showstoppers!" concert delivers an innovative take on the greatest songs ever written for Pop Music, 60’s Hits, American Songbook, Motown, Italy and Broadway!