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Call Redialed: Lucie Pohl is one of the funniest up & coming comedian/actresses/writers I have seen. I've known her for almost three years now & have seen two of her shows, both of which, left me in stitches. Now Lucie is revisiting her first one-woman show, with a re-worked version of "Hi, Hitler," the story of Lucie finding her identity in NYC as an immigrant. "Hi, Hitler" will play at The Cherry Lane Theatre from 7/11-7/30!
Call Answered: The hills are alive with the sound of Heil Hitler! I have always loved "The Sound of Music." The one part of the film I never cared for was the "Von Trapp's" being chased by the Nazi's. When I heard about Andrew Bergh's show "The Radicalization of Rolfe," a new play inspired by the character of "Rolfe" & his climb thru the Third Reich while incorporating the questioning of "Rolfe's" sexuality, I was very intrigued. "The Radicalization of Rolfe" plays SoHo Playhouse 10/23-29!