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Call Answered: As a spin instructor Marc Jordan Cohen inspires me. When I found out Marc was creating his own web series, "Daddy Issues," I immediately said, we must do an interview to promote this! "Daddy Issues" is a show about resilience, love, family, & learning to accept yourself & those around you for who they are. I saw the pilot episode & could not be more passionate about a new project. Let's help Marc continue to make his dreams come true by donating to his Kickstarter campaign!
Call Answered: This year there are three words that easily grab my attention: "This Is Us." When I received an e-mail with the subject line "Interview with NBC "This Is Us" actor" I had already decided I would interview whomever the e-mail was about. When I found out it was actor/playwright, John Pollono, I was even more excited! John's new play "Lost Girls," is currently playing at Theatre Exile's Stuido X in Philadelphia, PA through 3/12!