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Call Answered: I have been a fan of Michael Longoria's since I saw him in the Tony Award winning musical "Jersey Boys." When I heard Michael was releasing his debut album, "Broadway Brick By Brick," I had to talk to him. Michael was more than happy to take me through each layer of brick as well as the cement that holds "Broadway Brick By Brick" together. "Broadway Brick By Brick" is available now while the album release celebration continues with Michael's return to Joe's Pub on Sunday, 9/18 at 7pm!
Call Redialed: I first met Courter Simmons four years ago and I was so impressed by his talent, that I knew I had to interview him. We had a great time talking back then that I was super excited for the opportunity to interview Courter again, except this time, we're focusing on his alter-ego, Cacophony Daniels. After a triumphant debut, Cacophony will be returning to The Duplex with her show "Under The C: Cacophony Daniels Sings The Songs of Howard Ashman" which will be taking place on June 10 at 7pm!