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Call Answered: We live in some crazy times. Every day that moron stays in office is another battle we have to fight. "Death Comes For The War Poets," grapples with the horror of trench warfare as experienced by the two greatest war poets, "Siegfried Sassoon" & "Wilfred Owen." In speaking with the plays' leads, Michael Raver & Nicholas Carriere, it was interesting to compare past events with today's world. "Death Comes For The War Poets" makes its world premiere at The Sheen Center 6/9-6/24!
Call Answered: As much as I love getting to interview my idols, I equally enjoy interviewing new talent. Michael Raver is a playwright/actor on the rise. His latest play, “Fire on Babylon,” was nominated for The Robert Chesley/Victor Bumbalo Foundation Award for Playwriting, as well as being named a semifinalist for The O'Neill Conference in 2015. Now, “Fire on Babylon” is making its NYC premiere in the Fresh Fruit Festival July 12-17 at The Wild Project!