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Conference Call: Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross: "Love Letters" at Bucks County Playhouse + "Family Ties"

Call Answered: Facetime interview with the cast of "Afterglow": Brandon Haagenson, Patrick Reilly, Joe Chisholm

Call Answered: It was an honor to get to interview actor James Kiberd, best known as "Trevor Dillon" on ABC's "All My Children." After almost 11 years of not being able to act, James Kiberd is making his triumphant stage return in the Off-Broadway play "The Crusade of Connor Stephens," where extreme loss shakes a Texas family as it comes to terms with a tragic act of gun violence. "The Crusade of Connor Stephens" will play through August 6 only, with a special live stream on August 3 at 8pm!
Call Redialed: Once again Marina Tempelsman & Nicco Aeed have answered my call! Their haunting comedy "Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told In The Dark" is returning to the stage. In an unconventional staging, the audience lends a hand by lighting the stage for a couple that is literally, & figuratively, feeling their way through the dark. In "Unpacking," a happy couple moves into their new home, but the novelty of homeownership quickly fades. "Unpacking" plays HERE 7/26-8/13!
Call Redialed: Lucie Pohl is one of the funniest up & coming comedian/actresses/writers I have seen. I've known her for almost three years now & have seen two of her shows, both of which, left me in stitches. Now Lucie is revisiting her first one-woman show, with a re-worked version of "Hi, Hitler," the story of Lucie finding her identity in NYC as an immigrant. "Hi, Hitler" will play at The Cherry Lane Theatre from 7/11-7/30!
Call Answered: We live in some crazy times. Every day that moron stays in office is another battle we have to fight. "Death Comes For The War Poets," grapples with the horror of trench warfare as experienced by the two greatest war poets, "Siegfried Sassoon" & "Wilfred Owen." In speaking with the plays' leads, Michael Raver & Nicholas Carriere, it was interesting to compare past events with today's world. "Death Comes For The War Poets" makes its world premiere at The Sheen Center 6/9-6/24!
Call Redialed: Live from The Algonquin Hotel, in the heart of NYC's theatre district, "Call Me Adam" catches up with Broadway & "Orange is the New Black" star Annie Golden! In this NEW interview, Annie & I go "The Full Monty" with "Ripcord" at Huntington Theatre, Joe's Pub in August, and her guest starring role on "Difficult People!" (Our "Orange is the New Black" interview will be released in mid-June).
Call Answered: Another rising actress that has recently come to my attention is Emily Kratter. From theatre to film to TV, Emily is appearing everywhere! She's currently starring in Axis Theatre Company's revival "Dead End," a Broadway hit in 1936, which takes place in a New York where stark contrasts illuminate with an understanding of their mythology as well as their contemporary mirror in the city of today. "Dead End" plays Axis Theatre thru 5/20!
Call Redialed: What can I say about the man who adores me to no end? I can't believe I've known Joe Gulla for 8 years, seeing him go from fellow blogger to award winning playwright! I'm thrilled to bring this NEW interview to you about Joe's latest play, GARBO, recounting his 3-year "unrequited" love affair with the bartender/owner of the tiny, hidden, candle-lit Garbo Bar in Rome, Italy. GARBO will be presented in the 2017 Downtown Urban Arts Festival on Tuesday, 5/9 at The Cherry Lane Theatre!
Call Answered: After seeing Michael McKeever's new play "Daniel's Husband" I couldn't wait to find out more about it. I was thrilled when I called, Matthew Montelongo answered. I was so taken by his performance, it's great to delve into Matthew & his portrayal of "Mitchell." "Daniel's Husband" takes an unflinching look at how we choose to tie the knot. Or not. "Daniel's Husband" plays at Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC through 4/28 only!
Call Answered: Ever since I interviewed Ben Rimalower for "Call Me Adam," he has gone ahead and referred several of his friends my way! That brings me to Wyatt Fenner. Ben suggested Wyatt call and I answered! Wyatt stars in Naomi Wallace's "The War Boys," about three childhood friends who patrol the U.S./Mexican border. But these youths soon learn that even the most guarded borders are permeable. "The War Boys" plays at The Access Theater in NYC through 4/16!
Call Answered: I first heard about Brad Zimmerman's show "My Son The Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy" when it had its NYC run in 2014, but never got to see it. I'm so grateful for second chances because when I called, Brad answered. "My Son The Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy" is the hilarious & inspiring story about the grit & passion it takes to "make it" as an artist & the sweet rewards that come from never giving up! "My Son The Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy" will play Bucks County Playhouse from 3/23-4/9!