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Call Answered: We live in some crazy times. Every day that moron stays in office is another battle we have to fight. "Death Comes For The War Poets," grapples with the horror of trench warfare as experienced by the two greatest war poets, "Siegfried Sassoon" & "Wilfred Owen." In speaking with the plays' leads, Michael Raver & Nicholas Carriere, it was interesting to compare past events with today's world. "Death Comes For The War Poets" makes its world premiere at The Sheen Center 6/9-6/24!
Call Answered: I love the "Sharknado" TV movies. I also love people who express themselves thru writing, which leads us to Masiela Lusha, actress, writer, & wife. When Masiela was brought to my attention, I fell in love with her story...from being a refugee to making her acting dreams come true, including her breakout role on ABC's "George Lopez." Most recently, Masiela was seen as "Gemini" in "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" & her latest book of poems will be released 11/19 entitled "The Living Air!"
"Adaumbelle's Quest" welcomes Amanda Eliasch who has lived a life only most can dream about! She's a published author, Fashion Editor for Genlux Magazine in Los Angeles, the British photographer and writer for The Collective Review, a visual artist, a playwright, and a mother, but most of all she is a woman who has taken almost every opportunity that has come her way and did not settle for less than she deserved. Here she discusses her play "As I Like It" which will play the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood, CA from December 29-January 15, being the Fashion Editor at Genlux Magazine, the British photographer and writer for The Collective Review, her art, her world travels, and other everyday details of her life and career!