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Call Answered: I love the music of Kurt Weill, so needless to say I was excited to learn a new cabaret-play "Love For Sale" was coming to New York City celebrating this brilliant composer. I rang up this order and British actress Kelly Burke, answered my call to talk more about this show. "Love For Sale" will play the SoHo Playhouse in NYC from 1/12-2/19!
Call Answered: The hills are alive with the sound of Heil Hitler! I have always loved "The Sound of Music." The one part of the film I never cared for was the "Von Trapp's" being chased by the Nazi's. When I heard about Andrew Bergh's show "The Radicalization of Rolfe," a new play inspired by the character of "Rolfe" & his climb thru the Third Reich while incorporating the questioning of "Rolfe's" sexuality, I was very intrigued. "The Radicalization of Rolfe" plays SoHo Playhouse 10/23-29!
Call Answered: I love ping pong. When I found out there was a play that took place over a game of ping pong, I grabbed my racquet & joined in. It was a constant back & forth, but in the end I triumphed with this ball-busting, insightful interview with John Ahlin & Christopher Patrick Mullen, the playwrights/actors who wrote/star in the hit FringeNYC show "ChipandGus," a fast, furious, smart comedy with balls. With 4 performances to go "ChipandGus" plays The SoHo Playhouse 9/23, 9/25, 9/29, & 10/1!
Call Answered: Dating is a challenge for everyone. When I read about Peter Darney's play, "5 Guys Chillin'" which explores the world of chemsex (having sex while using drugs), instant gratification, & the longing for intimacy, I just had to find out more. I'm thrilled to have penetrated Peter with such delving questions while he was so willing to open up to me about this play. "5 Guys Chillin'" is coming to The Fringe Encore Series (both NYC & Edinburgh) at the SoHo Playhouse from 9/27-10/9!
Call Answered: One thing I love about Fringe Festivals is getting to experience work by new artists. I'm excited to be introduced to Melanie Gall, who has created the show "Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert" which combines the music of these two French musical icons. With "Amsterdam," "Milord," "La Vie en Rose" & other French classics, Melanie is bringing "Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert" to NYC as part of The Fringe Encore Series (both NYC/Edinburgh) at SoHo Playhouse from 10/4-10/19!
Call Answered: When I first met Alexa Green, she was a DIVA, well, one of the lead singers in Marty Thomas presents DIVA that is! After seeing her this past summer in Adam Overett's "Popesical: A Papal Musical," I knew now was the time for us to do an interview together! If you did not get the chance to see "Popesical: A Papal Musical" this summer, you have four more chances to confess your sin and see this show, now playing at SoHo Playhouse as part of the Fringe Encore 2015 through October 26!
Call Redialed: I was first introduced to Melissa Ritz and "Bombshell" in 2014 by my friend Ethan Paulini. I was unfamiliar with Ina Ray Hutton at the time, but after some research, I learned Ina Ray Hutton was the first female bandleader to conduct both an all-girl big band and several male big bands in the 1930s/40s. The production I saw last year was terrific, so when Michael Alexander of Two Sheps That Pass told me this show was coming back, I had to talk to Melissa again to find out what's changed and let me tell you, it's even better than last year! Melissa has taken Ina to new levels. "Bombshell of Rhythm: The Life and Secrets of Ina Ray Hutton" will play at the SoHo Playhouse through August 30!