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"Call Me Adam" chats with Jim McCarthy, Goldstar CEO, the world's largest ticket booth, offering half-price tickets to various live entertainment outlets. We discuss their Goldstar's beginnings, their 10 year anniversary, and getting those who love live entertainment great tickets.
"Call Me Adam" chats with "Mr. Sulu" himself, George Takei, about Star Trek, TEDxBroadway conference, his new social media book "Oh Myyy: There Goes The Internet", starring in the new Broadway musical "Allegiance," arriving fall 2013, his childhood in the internment camps, being an activist, gay marriage, and many other details of his life and career!
"Call Me Adam" chats with legendary theatre and film producer Daryl Roth about her illustrious career and being one of the featured speakers at the TEDxBroadway conference on January 28 in NYC, discussing "What’s the best that Broadway can be?"