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Call Answered: It was an honor to get to interview actor James Kiberd, best known as "Trevor Dillon" on ABC's "All My Children." After almost 11 years of not being able to act, James Kiberd is making his triumphant stage return in the Off-Broadway play "The Crusade of Connor Stephens," where extreme loss shakes a Texas family as it comes to terms with a tragic act of gun violence. "The Crusade of Connor Stephens" will play through August 6 only, with a special live stream on August 3 at 8pm!
Call Redialed: Lucie Pohl is one of the funniest up & coming comedian/actresses/writers I have seen. I've known her for almost three years now & have seen two of her shows, both of which, left me in stitches. Now Lucie is revisiting her first one-woman show, with a re-worked version of "Hi, Hitler," the story of Lucie finding her identity in NYC as an immigrant. "Hi, Hitler" will play at The Cherry Lane Theatre from 7/11-7/30!
Call Answered: Another rising actress that has recently come to my attention is Emily Kratter. From theatre to film to TV, Emily is appearing everywhere! She's currently starring in Axis Theatre Company's revival "Dead End," a Broadway hit in 1936, which takes place in a New York where stark contrasts illuminate with an understanding of their mythology as well as their contemporary mirror in the city of today. "Dead End" plays Axis Theatre thru 5/20!
Call Answered: Ever since I interviewed Ben Rimalower for "Call Me Adam," he has gone ahead and referred several of his friends my way! That brings me to Wyatt Fenner. Ben suggested Wyatt call and I answered! Wyatt stars in Naomi Wallace's "The War Boys," about three childhood friends who patrol the U.S./Mexican border. But these youths soon learn that even the most guarded borders are permeable. "The War Boys" plays at The Access Theater in NYC through 4/16!
Call Answered: I interviewed J. Stephen Brantley & David Drake in 2014. I was so moved by that show that when I heard they were going to work together again, I knew I needed to do a new interview. Then I found out Todd Flaherty was also going to star in this new show & I was like, bam, let's talk with everyone! "Bareback Ink," written by Bob Bartlett & directed by Obie Award winner David Drake, tells the story of a beautiful boy who is forcibly tattooed in this erotic new plays IRT 3/4-3/18!
Call Answered: One Sunday afternoon, I attended Tulis McCall's show, "Are You Serious? A Woman of a Certain Age Inquiries" & I was blown away by it. "Are You Serious?" is a show everyone can relate to because we are all aging. Tulis is engaging, enthusiastic, & knows how to draw an audience in. This truly is one show you don't want to miss! "Are You Serious? A Woman of a Certain Age Inquiries" plays every Sunday at 3pm at the Cornelia Street Cafe, being extended through 3/26!
Call Redialed: I have been a fan of Martha Wash for a long, long time. From "It's Raining Men" to to "Strike It Up." It's an honor to interview Martha again as she gets ready to show us her acting chops in "I Want to Eat Brains (or the Day I Killed All My Friends)," as part of the Fresh Grind Festival, a festival of public staged readings. A musical parody about a zombie apocalypse, "I Want to Eat Brains (or the Day I Killed My Friends)" will play at Theaterlab on Friday, 1/20 at 8pm!
Call Answered: Since interviewing Gary Busey himself, David Carl's one-man show "David Carl's Celebrity One-Man Hamlet" (formally titled "Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet as Performed by David Carl") has taken on new meaning for me. Following David's critically acclaimed run at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, & in the footsteps of Gary’s recent Off-Broadway "Perfect Crime" debut, "David Carl's Celebrity One-Man Hamlet" returns to The PIT Loft for two performances only, 1/9 & 1/10!
Call Answered: I hit the streets with actress Eve Lindley & actor (as well as my Facebook friend) Johnny Sibilly! "Street Children," a new play set in NYC in the late 80’s, explores the repression, romantic idealism, and high cost of living experienced by the transgender and queer community of the lower Hudson piers. "Street Children" plays at The New Ohio Theatre in NYC through 12/17!
Call Answered: One great thing about theatre is seeing all the ways a show can be mounted. When I heard The Bridge Production Group was presenting a bold & bloody production of Shakespeare's "Richard III," I thought I would take a closer look. I called, and The Bridge Production Group's Artistic Director, Max Hunter, answered. So, we sat down to discuss this new telling of a classic show. "Richard III" plays Fourth Street Theatre in NYC from November 9-27!
Call Answered: When I found out "Inside the Wild Heart," a new immersive play, based upon the writings of Clarice Lispector, was one of the most influential Jewish writers, I thought of my grandparents, who were proud Zionists. Presented by Group .BR (the only Brazilian Theater group in NYC) & starring Brazilian artist Andressa Furletti, one of Group .BR's founders, "Inside the Wild Heart" will be presented Nov. 3-20 at Immersive Gallery in Brooklyn, performed both in English & Portuguese!
Call Answered: One of my favorite kind of interviews is one that comes from a performer doing something fresh that I have not seen before. When Shane Shane was brought to my attention about his show "Tonight's Special" which is an all request format of jokes, stories, songs, and videos chosen by the audience, I immediately ordered up an interview & Shane Shane answered my call. Shane Shane's "Tonight's Special" plays the FIRST TUESDAY of every month at Sid Gold's Request Room!
Call Answered: I am one of the biggest "Golden Girls" fans out there. Needless to say, when I heard that a "Golden Girls" parody was coming Off-Broadway, starring puppets no less, it was a no brainer that I HAD to talk to the show's creator! As luck would have it, I was granted an interview with Jonathan Rockefeller, creator of "That Golden Girls Show! - Puppet Parody" which will be playing DR2 Theatre from September 19-December 11!
Call Answered: Celebrating their 20th anniversary, FringeNYC is back in full swing! One of the shows in this year's FringeNYC is Gustavo Pace's "Naked Brazillian." It was Gustavo's story that really attracted me to this show. "Naked Brazillian" tells the tale of a young man journeys from Rio to NYC to make a case for his own destiny, struggling against his father’s wishes to become a lawyer. With just two performances left, "Naked Brazillian" plays 64 East 4th Street Mainstage Friday, August 19 at 9:15pm and Sunday August 21 at 8:30pm!