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Call Answered: I can't believe it's been two years since I've gotten a chance to talk with belter & bad decision expert, Tori Scott. I always love interviewing Tori because I know my jaw will drop from astonishment and laughter. We have re-connected to talk about her brand-new show "Seeing Double," a celebration of poor life choices mixed with a hint of lingering regret & too much tequila. "Seeing Double" plays Joe's Pub Sunday, 11/13 9:30pm!
Call Redialed: "Call Me Adam" once again chats with singer and comedian Tori Scott. This time around we talk about her holiday show "Vodka is the Reason for the Season" which will play at Joe's Pub on Monday, December 8 at 9:30pm. From her early childhood fascination with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas to her time spent as a singing elf for an old folks home, Tori will take you on a shameless journey of what this time of year really means to her!
"Call Me Adam" chats with Tori Scott, belter, bad decision expert, and a Garland for the Grindr era about her new cabaret show, "I'll Regret This Tomorrow," at Joe's Pub on Thursday, February 6 at 9:30pm!