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"Call Me Adam" chats with playwright Jill Campbell about her new play "Chemistry of Love," playing at New York City's famously historic La Mama in the East Village from May 2-19.
"Call Me Adam" once again chats with actor and writer David Dean Bottrell! This time around we discuss his new one-man show "David Dean Bottrell is Working: One Man's Search for Employment and the Meaning of Life!" We also discuss Meryl Streep, super powers, and other details of his life and career!
"Call Me Adam" chats with playwright and SNL Props Master Rob Ackerman about his latest play "Call Me Waldo" which plays through March 11 at the June Havoc Theatre in NYC, being the props master on the hit NBC show, as well as other details of his life and career!
Lisa Lewis is a rising playwright, essayist, and storyteller who's already had her essays, profiles and book reviews published in The New York Times, ELLE Magazine, Kirkus Reviews, New York Press, and Biography Magazine. She will be presenting an industry-only reading of her new play "Schooled" on November 15 at 8pm at The New Ohio Theatre in NYC featuring Tony Award Winner Michael Cerveris, James Kautz (founder of The Amoralists Theatre Company), and Broadway's Phoebe Strole, and Mara Davi. Lisa discusses her writing, her new play "Schooled", the amazing cast she's assembled for this reading, as well as other everyday details of her life and career!