Adam Rothenberg and Ben RimalowerStand back, NYC, because, Ben Rimalower has arrived with his show "Patti Issues," currently enjoying an extended run at New York's most famous piano bar, The Duplex, in the West Village.

"Patti Issues" tells the story of Ben's tumultuous relationship with his father, who, came out of the closet when Ben was eight years old. Finding solace in the great Divas, specifically, Patti LuPone, Ben tells this engaging, hearfelt, and humorous story of how Patti helped him find his footing, not only in the theatre, but in life too.

Ben Rimalower in "Patti Issues", Photo Credit: Gustavo Monroy for Next MagazineWith lots of energy and excitement, Ben takes the stage, and immediately sucks the audience in with laughter and a bit of heart break. Starting the story a little bit forward, Ben then takes the audience back to the beginning. While the evolution of "Patti Issues" is quite amazing, the true spirit of the evening is seeing how Ben has become a man who is strong, compassionate, and most of educated on many levels. "Patti Issues" flips back and forth between the relationship Ben has with his father and family and his love of Patti LuPone. It's interesting to see how Patti has "traveled" with Ben along this road.

"Patti Issues" definitely left me wanting more because there were a few moments I felt the story could have been expanded or connected more smoothly. I remember saying to myself, "I want to see where this goes and then that moment was gone." If there is a rewriting phase after this run, I hope those missing moments, for me, become fleshed out more.

For someone who is making their writing and performing debut, Ben Rimalower is on the fast track to something great! I know that this is just the beginning of Ben's next phase. "Patti Issues" is the project that will take Ben to the next level, if it hasn't already.

Patti LuPone and Ben Rimalower at "Patti Issues", Photo Credit: Jenny Anderson for Broadway.comWith just five performances left, "Patti Issues" is one solo show not to be missed! You'll get the inside scoop into a man who's savoir has taken him on his own "Rainbow Tour" and dressed him up to the nines!

Ben Rimalower's "Patti Issues" plays at The Duplex in New York City through November 1. The Duplex is located at 61 Christohper Street at 7th Avenue. Click here for tickets!

Remaining showtimes are:

Monday, October 8 at 7pm

Sunday, October 14 at 9:30pm

Sunday, October 21 at 9:30pm

Sunday, October 28 at 4pm

Thursday, November 1 at 9:30pm

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