With a modern sound, twin brothers Will and Anthony Nunziata's debut CD, "Make Someone Happy," is a delightful preservation of music. From the Great American Songbook to Broadway classics to contemporary hits, "Make Someone Happy," will light up any room with it's warmth, good feelings, and strong output. Click here for my "Make Someone Happy" interview with Will and Anthony.

Will and Anthony's voices blend perfectly together from beginning to end. Dividing the album between duets and solo numbers, every song displays their talent. My favorite solo numbers are Anthony's "Ray of Hope" and Will's "When I Fall In Love." I really think these two songs showcase them very well. Together, I also love "Everybody Says Don't," "Smile," "The Prayer," and "Funiculi Funicula." "Everybody Says Don't" is a very inspiring song reminding me to listen to myself over others because nobody knows me like I do. "Funiculi Funicula" is just a really fun song to listen to. "Smile" and "The Prayer" are beautiful renditions that just allow me to be with my thoughts. One of my other favorite aspects of this album is the way Will and Anthony have incorporated their Italian herritage to some of the songs. It really adds an initmacy to the album.

Will Nunziata, Adam Rothenberg, Anthony NunziataI've seen Will and Anthony perform live twice in NYC, last summer at Feinstein's at Loews Regency and this month at Barnes and Noble. On stage, they have great banter and chemistry together and luckily, this charm, has transferred wonderfully to their debut CD "Make Someone Happy."

If you are looking for an album to brighten your day, make you smile with joy, and move the time along, then I highly suggest picking up Will and Anthony Nunziata's debut CD "Make Someone Happy." Click here to purchase!

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