Mark Snyder is definitely one playwright to keep your eye on! On February 29, 2012, I attended the opening night of his new play "As Wide As I Can See" at HERE Arts Center in NYC, produced by At Hand Theatre, and directed by Dan Horrigan. This is Mark's 5th play being produced, but it was my first introduction to one of his fully produced works.

"As Wide As I Can See" is well worth the view. Set in a recession-stricken Ohio where jobs are scarce, dreams are shattered, but held onto, friendships are tested, the past comes back in a haunting way, and future wishes light up the sky, "As Wide As I Can See" tells many people's life story.

Mark has found a way to tap into the world we live in today by telling the story of this group of Ohians. This show is tight. I was able to identify with each character's struggle of living out their reality, but clutching onto their dreams, wondering how they ended up here and is here where they should be. Mark's words were carefully chosen and used wisely as he seductively draws you into the lives of these characters.

The cast, consisting of Ryan Barry ("Dean"), Julie Leedes ("Jessica"), Joshua Levine ("Tyler"), Kay Capasso ("Nan"), Melissa Breiner-Sanders ("Charlotte"), Conan McCarty ("Walt"), did a wonderful job portraying these characters that Mark has written about. With Mark's strong writing, the cast easily captured their character and made them even more real. Dan direction also added to make this play even more real. Scenic designer David Arsenault, did a great job with the set, building only the items need to bring Ohio to New York. 

"As Wide As I Can See" is a great indication Mark Snyder is going far! This is one play that held my attention from beginning to end. If you are looking for something fresh, Mark Snyder's "As Wide As I Can See" is definitely a play to go see! It plays at HERE Arts Center in NYC (145 Avenue of Americas at Dominick Street, one block south of Spring Street) through March 10. Tickets are $18. Click here to purchase!

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