Make Mine Manhattan Cast, Photo Credit: Dixie SheridanOn Wednesday, March 7, 2012, I attended UnsungMusicalCo. Inc's production of the 1948 hit revue "Make Mine Manhattan," with lyrics by Arnold B. Horwitt and music by Richard Lewine. Playing at the Connelly Theatre in NYC, "Make Mine Manhattan" stars Nicolas Dromard, Nadine Isenegger, Dennis O'Bannion, Greg Reuter, Gabrielle Ruiz, LaQuet Sharnell, Bret Shuford, and Kristen J. Smith.

"Make Mine Manhattan" tells the stories of New York City, from from those who live here to those who visit. From the exciting world of entertainment to the never-ending story of finding and losing love, "Make Mine Manhattan" has a song to convey the moment.

LaQuet Sharnell in Make Mine Manhattan, Photo Credit: Dixie SheridanThe cast does a good job, but the one who shined the most, was my girl LaQuet Sharnell! She really knows how to take a song and run with it and tonight was no expection! LaQuet had three solos in the show and each one was better than the one before! LaQuet's voice is a gift for all to hear and she is a singer who knows how to use her gift really well!

This is the second production I've seen from UnsungMusicalCo. Inc. and I have to say I really admire what they do. They are a not-for-profit production company whose mission is to preserve musical theatre through the restoration and presentation of osbscure but artisically sound works. They take chances and that alone is why we should support them!

Whether you are a visitor to New York City or a resident, if you are looking for a fun, forget your troubles night out, I would suggest checking out "Make Mine Manhattan" at The Connelly Theatre (220 East 4th Street, between Avenue A & B) through March 17. Click here for tickets!

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