Tonight I took in a new play by Joan Beber with direction by Jules Aaron called Ethel Sings is an imaginative take on the execution of Ethel Rosenberg and her husband Julius.

Cast of "Ethel Sings", Photo Credit: Michele Young PhotographyThis show was livened up by its very talented cast. Everyone deserves recognition because I could tell just how much effort each performer put in to this show. A few of my personal favorites were: Shelby Kocee who lead the cast as "Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg," did an outstanding job. From her acting to her singing, Shelby really hit all the right notes; Richard Chassler who portrayed "Roy Cohn," really showed multiple sides to his character. His hard-ass attitude made me fear him at times and his brilliant comedic moments made just laugh; I also really enjoyed Ben Goldsmith who played "Ethel's" son "Michael." In addition to his fine physique, he really shined in the second act, while his guitar playing throught the show was always in the spotlight; Finally, Julia Silverman was wonderful as "Ethel's" mother "Mrs. Greenglass." She had some tough moments that got to me.

Cast of "Ethel Sings", Photo Credit: Michele Young PhotographyBen Goldsmith, Ross Alden, and Shelby Kocee in "Ethel Sings," Photo Credit: Michele Young PhotographyEthel Sings definitely made me want to learn more about the Ethel Rosenberg trial. I didn't know much about it prior to the show, but now I want to know more. While I liked the second act more than the first act, I do think this show is still worth checking out, especially if you are a history buff or like to support new work. For $18, you'll get an evening at the theatre. Click here to purchase tickets!

Ethel Sings runs through this Sunday (July 21) at Walker Space Theatre in SoHo (46 Walker Street)!

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