Adam's Call: Garage Theatre Group's production of Spring Awakening: The Bitch of Living

This Memorial Day weekend I took an afternoon trip out to Teaneck, NJ to see Anthony Crouchelli in Garage Theatre Group's production of the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening. When I initally saw the show Off-Broadway, I wasn't a huge fan of the show, but knowing how talented Anthony is, I decided to give it a second chance.

After seeing the Garage Theatre Group's production of Spring Awakening, I have to say, I am eager to get the cast recording, as I finally fell in love with the music that so many have been raving about for years. The show has a very moving, powerful, and timely story, but unfortunately, I didn't connect to it as much as I would have liked. I think that is because there were only a few actors I felt did a stand-out job portraying their characters and those are who I'd like to highlight.

Dan Deweever and Anthony Crouchelli in Garage Theatre Group's production of "Spring Awakening"Let's start with Anthony Crouchelli, who played "Melchoir" (the role Jonathan Groff played on Broadway). I had seen Anthony sing in a few concerts here and there, so I knew he had a great voice, but this was my first time seeing him in a full theatrical production. Anthony Crouchelli is the true definition of a leading man! From his acting to his voice to his dancing, he has it all, including a slamming body he's starting to show off more! Ariel Nicholson, who played "Wendella" (the role Lea Michelle played on Broadway) also caught my attention. Her voice is soulful, big, and is going to take her far! Marci Elyn Schein and Osborn Focht also impressed me as the "Adult Women" and "Adult Men" respectively. Their transformations between characters were seamless.

Anthony Crouchelli and the cast of Garage Theatre Group's production of "Spring Awakening"Just because I may have not enjoyed this produciton as much as I had hoped, doesn't mean someone else won't enjoy it more. I am glad I saw this production as it made me fall in love with the music and I got to see a handful of talented actors.

Spring Awakening runs through June 1 at The Beacon Theatre at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ (960 River Road). Click here for tickets!

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