Adam's Call: DISENCHANTED!: A very enchanting evening, well worth your time

UPDATE: After a successful run at St. Clements, DISENCHANTED is now playing an open-end run at NYC's Westside Theatre (407 West 43rd Street between 9th and 10th Avenue)! So you have a second chance to this hilariously fun show! Click here for tickets!

From the moment "Snow White" stepped onto the stage at St. Clements in NYC and belted her first note, I knew I was in for a treat at DISENCHANTED!, the hilarious Off-Broadway musical about how some well known princesses feel they've been depicted over the years. Written by Dennis A. Giacino and directed by Fiely A. Matias, DISENCHANTED! is a twistedly funny show with a lot of heart, soul, and talent!

Cast of "DISENCHANTED!": Lulu Picart, Becky Gulsvig, Michelle Knight, Jen Bechter, Soara-Joye Ross, Alison BurnsFrom vocal talents to comedic timing, there was not one weak link in this cast of six very talented actresses, each one getting to showcase their own distinct qualities. Taking a comedic look at the popular stories of "Snow White," "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Belle," "The Little Mermaid," "Rapunzel," "Mulan," and "Pocahontas," Dennis has written a show that provoked thought, in a fun and entertaining way, as to how these women have been portrayed through movies and society. I haven't laughed continually for as long as I did at DISENCHANTED! Each story I found myself saying, "Yes, what a great way to look at this tale. It's so obvious, but yet I never thought about this story in this particular way." 

"DISENCHANTED!" cast: Jen Bechter ("Sleeping Beauty"), Alison Burns ("Belle"), Becky Gulsvig ("Cinderella")Dennis' songs were poignant and funny, moving the story along nicely. Some of my favorites were "One More Happ'ly Ever After," "Without The Guy," "Two Legs," "Finally," and "Perfect." If I had to pick one song to represent my absolute favorite, it would be "Perfect," sung by "Sleeping Beauty." The lyrics, theme of the song, and "Sleeping Beauty's" performance were definitely the highlight for me.

Fiely did a great job directing this show. I felt the choices he made for these characters worked well. I think his vision helped shape the show.

Cast of "DISENCHANTED!": Becky Gulsvig ("Cinderella"), Michelle Knight ("Snow White"), and Jen Bechter ("Sleeping Beauty")In addition to the fun and laughter of DISENCHANTED!, I think its core message is what made this show so wonderful. It reinforced the fact that you are enough just the way you are. While that is a message that has been communicated over and over again, DISENCHANTED! brings a fresh view to this message. Through music, song, a well written script, and excellent direction, DISENCHANTED! is a very enchanting evening well worth your time!

"DISENCHANTED!" cast: Michelle Knight ("Snow White"), Becky Gulsvig ("Cinderella"), Alison Burns ("The Little Mermaid"), Lulu Picart ("Milan")With just a few shows left, DISENCHANTED! limited run will be disappearing on January 25! So, click here to get your tickets now!

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