Shakina Nayfack performing "POST-OP" at Joe's PubThere is a new anthem being shouted from the stages of Shakina Nayfack's new show, POST-OP, "Manifest Pussy!" Maybe it's not a new anthem, but it's not something I've heard discussed on a regular basis. In this show, Shakina is opening herself up and exposing herself in a way more people should. When you live an authentic life, there is a constant glow around you, and that glow is illuminating from Shakina! Her new one-woman show POST-OP, still in development, at The Wild Project in New York City's East Village, is about Shakina's pilgrimage to Thailand to have her gender reassaignment surgery, from her final night in NYC through her KickstartHer campaign to her arrival in Thailand to her surgery to life today as the woman she was born to be.

I am so proud of Shakina for living her truth and showing others it's okay to be who you truly feel you are meant to be. As tattooed on her chest, "Lie still on the day of Pain and the day of Joy will greet You!" This quote could not be more true for Shakina. 

Shakina Nayfack, Photo Credit: Susan Rosenberg JonesShakina Nayfack performing "POST-OP" at Joe's PubThe thing I like best about Shakina is her honesty. Her rawness. Her courage. Her strength. And mostly, her authenticity. Shakina is Shakina. She doesn't sugar coat anything. She tells it like it is and you know exactly what she is feeling. She is the real deal and this show is no exception! I laughed. I cried. I was transported. I felt as though I was on this pilgrimage with Shakina from beginning to end. Shakina moved me in ways no one else has before. 

There are fun upbeat songs like "B.N.P." to mantra's like "Spirits Don't Break," to heart-tuggers like "Down The Shower Drain." There is so much to this show, more than I could ever fully convey here. This show really sums up Musical Theatre Factory's slogan "We're Working On It" because it's shows like this that they are presenting. Shows that speak to everyone. Shows that make you feel. Shows that move you. Shows that take you outside your comfort zone. Shows that change you. The best way to experience this tour de force, also known as POST-OP, is to go see it for yourself!

Shakina Nayfack performing "POST-OP" at Joe's PubIn this developmental stage, POST-OP has just 2 performances left at The Wild Project (195 East 3rd Street, between Avenue A & B) on Saturday, October 24 at 8pm and Sunday, October 25 at 7pm! Click here for tickets!

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