Adam's Call: Sutton Foster: New York Pops: One Night Only: A Night I Will Remember Forever

Sutton Foster, Photo Credit: Laura Marie DuncanLast week I got to attend Sutton Foster's solo Carnegie Hall debut with the New York Pops, lead by the talented Steven Reineke. Joining Sutton for this concert was two-time Tony nominee Joshua Henry and Broadway's Megan McGinnis.

This is one night I will remember forever! Sutton was on fire! Her voice filled Carnegie Hall well beyond the rafters! From the moment Sutton took the stage, she captivated the audience all the way through until the very end and that still was too short of a time to be at this concert.

Sutton Foster and Steven Reineke, The New York Pops' Music Director/Conductor, Photo Credit: Call Me AdamThe New York Pops, conducted by Steven Reineke, opened up this magnificent night with the Overture of Anything Goes followed by "I've Got You Under My Skin." It's always a treat to hear this very talented orchestra play, especially when it's a score to a Broadway show, because these days, it's rare to have a full orchestra at a Broadway show.

My favorite moments from Sutton's solo numbers were "Sunshine On My Shoulders," "Anyone Can Whistle/Being Alive," "Rose's Turn," and "Gimmie Gimmie." Not only did Sutton sound fantastic during these numbers, she told some pretty great stories. For "Sunshine On My Shoulders," Sutton told the story of how her mom would always play country/folk music around the house and her favorite album was John Denver's Greatest Hits. It was very heartwarming to hear this next part of the story. Sutton unfortunately lost her mom about a year and a half ago, so as a tribute to her mom, she sang "Sunshine On My Shoulders." This is one of my favorite John Denver songs, but Sutton made it her own. The other story Sutton told that I enjoyed was right before she sang "Rose's Turn," she mentioned how she was about to turn 40 years old and it was about time she started going for some of those older roles she always wanted to play. Well, that lead into "Rose's Turn," which lead into a huge standing ovation and one audience memeber shouting "Do it again!" I have heard many versions of "Rose's Turn," but Sutton gave it a whole new life. My thought throughout the whole song was "Broadway needs another Gypsy revival with Sutton as "Rose." 

Sutton Foster after her New York Pops concert, Photo Credit: Call Me AdamMy favorite Stephen Sondheim song is "Being Alive," which Sutton coupled with "Anyone Can Whistle." Once again, Sutton brought the house down with this mash-up. I loved her rendtion of these songs, especially "Being Alive" which she ended on a high note! I was over the moon when Sutton sang "Gimmie Gimmie,' her big 11'oclock number from her Tony Award winning turn in Thoroughly Modern Millie, one of my all time favorite shows. She really left the audience wanting more, but it was wonderful she ended the concert with this song.

Throughout the evening, Sutton had some special guests join her on stage. First up was two-time Tony Award winner Joshua Henry. Joshua has an amazing and to get to hear him belt it out at Carnegie Hall was something special. Joshua killed it with "A Change Is Gonna Come." His vocal quality is unreal and everyone at Carnegie Hall agreed as the crowd went wild after he sang. Not only did we get to hear Joshua's grand voice, but we then got to watch him dance with Sutton Foster when they dueted on "Fit as a Fiddle (and Ready for Love). Get these two on Dancing with the Stars and let's really show the world what dancing is all about! After Joshua Henry, Sutton's Little Women co-star Megan McGinnis graced the stage with a beautiful version of "Neverland" from Peter Pan. Megan has a terrific voice and when it's paired with Sutton as it was on "Flight," magic really happened!

Steven Reineke, Megan McGinnis, Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry, Photo Credit: Call Me AdamAs the whole evening unfolded, I was just so excited to get to hear The New York Pops on every single number. They are so talented and really make every concert of theirs a special evening. My two other favorite New York Pops moments during this concert was getting to hear them play the Overture from Thoroughly Modern Millie which brought back so many great memories from seeing the show. They also played a fantastic medley entitled "The History of the TV Overture," (celebrating Sutton's return to television with TV Land's Younger, starting March 31 at 10pm).

It's too bad this was a one night only concert because I literally could listen to Sutton sing every night backed by The New York Pops! If you didn't get a chance to see Sutton with The New York Pops, then you should make sure to attend The New York Pops Gala on Monday, May 4 at 7pm when she is part of a host of talent celebrating Rob and Kathleen Marshall. Click here for tickets!

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